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This Just In
This Just In

Joined: Nov 23, 2014
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What types of oil are recommended
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Welcome to the site Butcher ... Smile

If you haven't read the following page , now is the time .

If you run into problems with any of that , Please let us know . Thanks . Smile

sunshine New members , Please read and understand :

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Welcome here Butcher

Please be sure to visit the New Members Thread and fill in your signature. Lots of common questions you might have will be answered there as well as how to get the most from this site. A link to it is located in my signature. Smile

The topic has been discussed to death really. Try a search using the instructions on how to search that is provided in the New Members Thread. Use words like Rotella and Castrol and that will bring up some spirited discussions and no doubt you will have plenty of options to choose from.

I have used Rotella 4T 15W40 diesel oil and right now I use Castrol 4T motorcycle oil 20w50. Both have been good for me but the Castrol is a better warm weather oil which means nothing right now but I am still in spec.

Hope this gets you started Smile



1981 CB900 Custom

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On a steel horse i ride

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Power Poster

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My Current Bikes: 2005 HD Electra Glide

Former Bikes: 1981 CB900C, 2006 Suzuki DR200SE, 1994 BMW K1100LT, 1983 HD XLH Sportster, 1981.5 CB900C, 1973 Suzuki TS100. 1980 CB750C, 1980 GL1100 Goldwing, 1989 Suzuki Katana 750, 2 Suzuki JR50´s, 1981 Honda CB650, 1982 Honda CB900C, 1982 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim, 2001 Yamaha V-star, 1980 Yamaha 400, 198? Suzuki Madura, 1974 Triumph T140E, Yamaha PW50, 1984 VF500F Interceptor, 1980 Honda CB900C, 2014 HD Electra Glide.
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Welcome to here wave

NMT wrote:

If you do a lot of short trips or haul ass canyon rides, or city freeway rides, with lots of hot/cold cycles, oil changes should probably be done at closer to 2000 miles or less, regardless that the book says 4000 miles. These air cooled motors can totally contaminate the oil much quicker than 4000 miles. Some guys even say to change it every 1000 miles. Personally, I smell and feel the oil. Once it starts to stink like exhaust and gas, or show any other contamination like water, I figure it's time for a change. Running it past that point is asking for premature wear. You can also rub it between your fingers and begin to feel some fine grit. Even though there is still plenty of viscosity left, the oil is too contaminated for the filter to get it out, and that stuff is wearing inside your motor like rouge.

Longer continuous rides, like 5 days of 700 mile days or so, can probably be done on one oil change, but keep an eye on the oil level, it will probably eat a little oil. Be sure to feel and smell the oil every morning before you start out to make sure the oil hasn't turned into liquid polishing compound or is thinned out like WD40.


Be sure to use JASO MA rated oil.

NMT - New Member's Thread, a Must Read, click here!!! - Information For New and Veteran Members.
Contains SITE RULES, how to enter required bike information in your signature, thread and picture posting...
Also some important DOHC wrenching tips, and some other information.
Kindly read this linked thread with the rules before posting
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