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Credits/Contributions For RavenNukev2.10.01

To properly list the people that have contributed to PHP-Nuke over the years would be a most arduous and challenging task. You would have to go back to the original author of ThatWare, the foundation for PHP-Nuke. And then you would need to find and list the many that contributed to the advancement of the code before leaving to start PostNuke and Xaraya, and on and on I could go. In general, let me say to all of those that have gone before me (us), we thank you!

The present copyright owner to the name and domain is Francisco Burzi (FB). He has included a Credits.txt file with some major credits, but for various and sundry reasons known only to FB and possibly a few others, many other major players that have contributed are nowhere to be found, so I have no real way of listing them by name. As a result, I will go from what is now established as the foundation, if you will, and go from there. The following is in no particular order and if I have made a mistake, just contact me and I will correct it ASAP! In most cases I am just listing the main people who take responsibility for releases.

There are many more, I know, that have passed on tweaks and helped hone code here and there. To all of you I say thanks also. And lest we not forget the theme authors too.

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